Others like You

We live in a time, where at first glance we are cool, great, and have lots of “friends”. Yet, we’ve all had to struggle at some point in our lives.

Have you ever felt like you are the only one feeling alone?  – not having someone to talk with – to call, even though you might have family, friends, and connections; someone who really listens, cares, and understands you when you are facing a life crisis and challenges; who enjoys your wins and great days; who shares your thoughts and opinions, YOU WILL BE SURPRISED.

We are millions of people out there; who share the same feeling like you; who has undergone similar situations like you, lost a job, loss of someone very close, being bullied, diagnosed with a critical illness, moving to a new city/country, experienced something great and much more. All who, just like you, don´t have someone to talk with, who really understands your situation based on own experiences. Whether you are famous or not, young or old, rich or poor, doesn’t matter – having someone to talk with, is a fundamental human need, we all share. You are just human!

Despite the fast moving digital era we live in – too often, we hear how difficult it is to find others who really has the time, not biased, and want to engage in an authentic voice conversation. Instead we end up with social media, still nurturing the loneliness feeling, where nobody understands you fully, nobody cares, and nobody has the time.

Together, we will change that. The journey has started and we encourage all of you to take back your voice and use it, pick up the phone, engage in authentic conversations with others just like you. Nothing beats hearing the voice of another human being, right?

You might be surprised – that people are asking you “How are you doing?”.

Forming Q-talks is the start of this journey, where the importance is placed on what, and not about who you are or not.

An app for You and everyone – Bringing back Human Conversations.


The very best wishes,