Quality conversations with others just like You.

A quick, anonymous call to quiet your mind – anything, anytime, anywhere!


Being connected with others socially, and enjoying

voice conversations, is a fundamental human need.

Connect with others - just like You

Life isn’t always easy. It’s not that easy asking for help either. But there are so many people out there who go through the same things you’re experiencing. Connect with them now, through real, human voice conversations. Talk with like-minded people who understands you.

Together, Simple, Anonymous.


You join anonymously “LIVE” group conversations of a maximum of four people with like-minded people. Connections are based on your selected topic. Conversations are private, and are not recorded on our servers.


Voice conversations cannot be replicated by any written media. You have to talk with others, bringing back engaging voice conversations. This to avoid social isolation and loneliness.


Available on App Store and Google Play. Register with very few information. Remember the confirmation email before you can login.


30-day free trial of Q-talks. Less than USD 3 per month. Subscription only through App Store & Google Play.

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Partners and Community

"Infertility can be an isolating journey. However, Q-Talks offers a unique, high quality and safe platform to speak openly about involuntary childlessness. A much needed platform for our members who long for a sense of community."


Non profit association
"Q-talks gives our clients a great platform to speak openly and privately with our support coordinator which we believe is absolutely vital to one's fertility outcomes."

CNY Fertility

IVF clinic
"Q-talks is unique and valuable because we can talk with others, anonymously. And there is no texting possibilities – everything happens when it happens – in real-time. And our conversations are not recorded and stored on Q-talks servers." Mikkel Raahede, Chairman of DARE

DARE Danmark

Non profit association
"Infertility is a silent health challenge for most woman. It causes shame and loneliness and disconnection. That is why Q-talks offers the perfect platform and solution for those woman who long for connection, professional guidance, and understanding in their journey towards motherhood."

Saskia Röell

Fertility Coach
"I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer a few days after my son's second birthday. The transition from being a healthy mother of four to suddenly becoming a resident "Cancer Land " was a frightening and lonely experience. The ability to have conversations with other cancer patients during my journey was empowering and gave me inspiration. The Q-talks app provides a safe space to anonymously converse with others who are undergoing similar life crises. Since nothing is ever recorded, conversations can be completely open, honest, and private. This is an incredibly valuable tool that fosters positive feelings of inclusion and hope, and helps to break the silence." Susan Binau Cancer Survivor & Founder of Women Fighting Cancer

Susan Binau

Danish entrepreneur