Q-talks Customer Privacy Policy

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This Privacy Policy describes what information is collected, how they are used and shared when you use the Service.

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Welcome to Q-talks!

1. Privacy Policy

Your right for privacy is crucial to us. Any data and information you decide to share with us, we take very seriously and treat these with the deepest respect. Our core belief is that we all have a right to speak out and share opinions with others without being judged or reported, as long as we respect valid laws. We love transparency and we feel committed to deliver upon these values. If you at any time is in doubt, having questions or comments please do feel free to contact us at [email protected]

1.1 No advertising: We prefer to deliver a simple product/service, therefore there will be no banners, popups or commercials at all.

1.2 No sale to third party: Transparency is one of our key values, therefore no hidden agendas. We do not sell or hand over your usage data to advertising companies or anyone else. Your usage data is only for our own internal statistics.

1.3 Full end-to-end encryption: We do our outmost to deliver far the best way to protect any conversation on any device.

1.4 The Q-talks concept – Transparency, Safety and a Clear business model: All Q-talks applications across all platforms uniformly use state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms that are recognized as reliable by experts and the community. Any conversations taken place in talking groups are yours. We have developed the system in a way that no one can tap or record your conversation except from the four people participating in the conversation group – meaning your conversations are secure and private. Conversations are available on multiple devices without weakening security. Our software contains no backdoor – your data is your data and we do not have access to it – Nor your password. What is known to us is when you have been logged in and out. What kind of conversation subjects/topics you have participated in, with whom (only the username) and for how long. But what you have been talking about / the content, we have no access to at all. Again Q-talks is a place for knowledge sharing meeting peers and like-minded people around the world. Q-talks offers 100% anonymity, if preferred. Meaning you will be able to create a user identity of own choice. The identity/profile name is the only visible information for other users. Our advice is not to share any private information in any conversation groups. No phone number is required at any time. You are asked to register with an email address and a unique username, which can be anything (an alias). The email is used for sending you a confirmation email, where you confirm your Q-talks account. You are also asked to register with a birth year (no date/month) confirming that you are applying to the age requirement (18+). Registration of gender is 100% optional and only used for our own statistical purpose. As mentioned in 20.1 and 20.2 Q-talks is NOT in the business of collecting and selling user data/information – we do not sell or share any user information. Q-talks is a subscription based app and isn´t based on donations or advertisements. We only store anonymous data (usernames, e-mail addresses, language, birth year, conversation topics, log in and out) – as we do not ask for family names and first names or birth dates that can lead to identification of a specific person. The anonymous data is only for internal use with the aim of improving future versions of Q-talks herein improving customer experience – e.g. creating new conversation topics or/and removing conversation topics, fix potential bugs and develop Q-talks features.

2. Changes to the Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. When updated the “last updated” date below will be amended and the new Privacy Policy will be posted online.

Updated 19th of May 2019