Welcome to Q-talks FAQ

This is a brief update to help you get around, in all likelihood we haven't covered everything, why you are more than welcome to contact us. We will update the list on a regular basis. Here you find some frequently asked questions and answers about Q-talks.

1.Can I create a topic?
In case your smartphone becomes lost or stolen, you can always reset your password. If you need assistance always feel free to contact us support@q-talks.com

2. Can we talk about anything in the conversations?
Basically yes. However, if Q-talks is used for criminal actions or purposes, it will be reported to proper authorities. And the only way for us to know this if another participant reports these actions. We cannot listen to your conversations. We encourage and expect a reasonable tone, respectful conversations and a broad selection of subjects. Inappropriate behavior can be reported and lead to termination of your account.

3. Can´t connect
Check your Wi-fi or data 3G/4G accessibility. If all OK, please exit app and retry again.

4. Changing Q-talks default language
Q-talks is availble in different languages and will keep on adding new ones. As a general rule, Q-talks adapts the language of your smartphone, if available.

5. Conversation topics in different languages
If you would like to speak with other nationalities, you can just select another language and then categories and topics available become visible.

6. E-mail confirmation
When signing up you will receive a confirmation email, which you have to confirm for activating your account.

7. Free trial
Q-talks offers 30 days free trial for any new user.

8. How does Q-talks protect my privacy and keep my information secure?
Security and privacy are just as import to us as to you. Q-talks core values are about this, why we ask for as few information about you as possible. Your e-mail will not be given to third parties in the form of advertisements or ads. Equally we do not spam you with offers from suppliers, nor do we record your conversations. Your private life is your own. Q-talks is committed to transparency, privacy and choice. As part of the EU’s new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), taking effect May 25, 2018, we have updated Terms and Conditions, Security & Privacy policy. Here are some updates we want to make sure you know about: Privacy: We are as committed as ever to keeping your data private and protected. Our updated Terms and Conditions, Security & Privacy policy outline how your data is protected and used within the Q-talks network. Transparency & Choice: We believe you should have control over your data. The Terms and Conditions, Security & Privacy policy outline how we collect and use your personal data and the choices available to you. Clarity: Our Terms and Conditions, Security & Privacy policy have been updated to make them more clear for you to understand.

9. I haven't received a confirmation email
Please check your spam filter - if no email received please contact us: support@q-talks.com

10. Internet connection
Q-talks requires an internet access via your Mobile network operator or Wi-Fi. Q-talks doesn´t include internet access.

11. Lost and stolen smartphone
In case your smartphone becomes lost or stolen, you can always reset your password. If you need assistance always feel free to contact us support@q-talks.com

12. Lost connection
If lost connection and the conversation group - retry connection. If nothing happens leave the Q-talks app, login again and check into conversation. Often these situations occur when data connection is interrupted.

13. No access to phone numbers
We do not have any access to your phone number. When the system is calling you (see Notification Service) it is only through the Q-talks app NOT a call to your telphone number.

14. Notification service
If you are the first to check in to a conversation you will receive a message that users with same preference topic have been notified. Just leave the app in the background - Do NOT exit the app. As soon as another user checks in you will receive a call from the conversation group for you to join in. If timing is not right just reject call.

15. Poor connection
The quality of Q-talks depends on the connection that your teleoperator delivers to you. If the signal is poor, it will affect the availability and quality of your Q-talks conversations. You can always send us an email at support@q-talks.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

16.Quick guide

1. Download Q-talks app
2. Sign Up
3. Confirm sign up e-mail
4. Login
5. Select conversation topics
6. Start talking

17. Responsibility
Content of any conversations taking place through the Q-talks app is users own responsibility. Q-talks are NOT responsible for any opinions, statements, advices etc given by Q-talks users in any given conversation taking place.

18. Safety
Q-talks is a place where you can talk with like-minded anonymous. Do NOT share any personal information with other users during conversations.

19. Security
Security is very important for us. Q-talks is End-to-End encrypted.

20. Subscription
Q-talks is subscription based. Subscriptions can ONLY take place through Google Play or App Store.

21. Support
We offer 24/7 support on support@q-talks.com

22. System requirements
Q-talks only works on smartphones - minimum Android 4.1 or iOS 10.0

23. Updating Q-talks
You can always easily update Q-talks from your smartphone´s application store. When releasing a new version we will close down the old one. You will get the message when you login to Q-talks.

24. Where can I upload an image or find other users?
Q-talks is a conversation app based on shared interests and anonymous participation why no images, videos or other personal identification are available.

25. Where can I write a message or a comment?
Q-talks is a conversation app so no writings options at all - only "Live talks".

26. Why can´t I download Q-talks?
Q-talks is unavailable in some countries.

27. Why can´t I login after signing up?
Please check that you have confirmed the email confirmation we have sent you. The confirmation email is valid maximum 24 hours.