Helle Fjord Hudson, Life Coach

Helle is a devoted life coach  who has worked with individuals and couples for a number of years. She is immensely passionate about supporting individuals and couples in becoming more self-aware and engaged in a continuous pursuit of an authentic love and sex life.

Many couples experience boredom in their intimacy because they have chosen to neglect their ability to cultivate erotic intelligence, pleasure and playfulness in exchange with a mediocre sex-life, for different reasons. Helle helps her clients to understand that what they experience is normal and that they can learn to do something different by understanding how they turn themselves on and off. 

Helle is utilizing the app for weekly ½ hour session – every Sunday from 7:00-7:30 pm Pacific time / 10:00-10:30 pm EST. You can find the “Life coach” topic under Topics “Helle Fjord” (English language). Any changes to sessions you will find in Helle´s 

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