DARE Danmark

DARE is a Danish association. DARE works for full equality for all Danish family constellations in Denmark, primarily within family structures, reproduction and daily institutional, structural and cultural social life in Denmark.

DARE provides active supporting activities such as targeted information activities, direct influence on political decision-making processes, family support, and efforts to increase visibility in the form of establishing joint actions.

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On a frequent basis you can join, anonymously, a conversation group facilitated by Mikkel Raahede, Chairman of DARE Danmark, Nicolai Køster Rimvall, board member of DARE Danmark, or Louise Traberg-Schmidt, board member of DARE Danmark.

Conversation events facilitated by Louise, Nicolai or Mikkel will be posted on social media.

Mikkel Langvad Raahede is the father of three daughters. Twins and one more girl. All were born via surrogacy in the United States. Mikkel is a trained teacher and actor, but spends more and more of his professional time working for the legalization of commercial surrogacy in Denmark. Mikkel is the founder and chairman of the association DARE.

Nicolai Køster Rimvall, Medical doctor and board member of the association DARE. Nicolai is also experienced in counseling people in crisis. Although infertility today is not a socially unknown phenomenon, it still leads to many experiencing personal crisis that wears on the individual as well as the relationship. The struggle to break the taboo as involuntarily childless can seem insurmountable and lonely. Nicolai therefore with his lecture focuses on the problem from a psychological as well as personal perspective. For more information please visit https://www.rimvall.dk/

Louise Traberg-Schmidt, Lawyer and board member of the association DARE. Louise is an expert in the Danish Legislation regarding family formation.

Louise has many criminal cases, and with her as your defender, you are assured of an active and thorough defense, where she fights to the last to achieve you the best possible result. In addition, Louise has extensive experience with immigration cases, including family reunifications, work permits, asylum, citizenship and permanent residence permits.