Welcome to q-talks

We created the app to facilitate human connections.
Patients, relatives, lonely and affected people.

You're Not Alone

We created the app to facilitate human connections.
Patients, relatives, lonely and affected people.


Q-talks is a supportive and safe place for you, to talk about your challenges, illnesses and diseases.
A place where someone is always listening, accepting and acknowledging that "You're not alone!"

Conversations are anonymous in groups of maximum four people.
You might not know them, but like you, they're struggling to overcome similar challenges in their life.
Talk to likeminded in your homeland or across borders in a helpful environment, both affected and relatives.

Register today through a patient organization or as a private user.


Q-talks was present at the DokkX exhibition Welfare Technology / Velfærdsteknologi in Aarhus from October 11th 2016 till March 18th 2017.
The topic for this exhibition was “Community and Communication” – for more information – Please visit

Heads Together

"Together we will bring back human conversations worldwide"


Quick guide?
1. Download the app
2. Sign up
3. Confirm sign up e-mail
4. Login
5. Select your favorite topics
6. Start talking

(See our Q-talks guidance video below.)
Can I create a topic?
There are already several conversation topics available in Q-talks. But we are aware that, in all likelihood, the topics you are interested in, are yet not present. Therefore, you are more than welcome to contact us immediately if there is a conversation topic, you are missing. Please send us an email to hello@q-talks.com with the conversation topic, we should create - be as specific as possible, please.
When do I have to pay?
Q-talks will be subscription based, but currently it is free
Data confidentiality and security.
We encourage you to register your real name. Your name will not be sold to third parties in the form of advertisements or ads. Equally we do not spam you with offers from suppliers, nor do we record your conversations. Your private life is your own. We encourage and expect a reasonable tone, respectful conversations and a broad selection of subjects. Inappropriate behavior can be reported and lead to termination of your account. If Q-talks is used for criminal actions or purposes, it will be reported to proper authorities.

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O-talks is available on Android and iOS

"It is all about listening, talking and sharing, with no interruptions"

Team Q-talks